Management Consultancy & Finacial Services

New and small businesses often suffer from policy and strategy paralysis. They are devoid off proper structure and hence they can't make use of the optimum resources available at their hand.

IGSL plans to enter in to strategic partnership with various financial institution. IGSL will help clients to secure finance to ensure growth of their businesses.


IGSL has developed various tools to market services and products of our clients. Depending upon the type of services contracted, IGSL plans to provide following marketing services:

  • • Design the campaign
  • • Personalization and targeting
  • • E-mail list management
  • • Advertising products online & off-line
  • • Tracking the campaign's progress in real-time
  • • Instant measurability for Return on Investment analysis
  • • Post-campaign analysis


IGSL aims to build a strong management foundations for the clients. This will enable the clients to work with laid down budgets. IGSL will help in preparing business plan for new and fledging businesses to help them with a chance to obtain funding in to their business. IGSLL offers insights and ideas for small & upcoming businesses enabling them to maintain their competitive advantage in todays dynamic world. This is of paramount importance as slight foot away from the gas can harm the business permanently.

Media Purchasing

Social Media plays a very vital role in todays world. We provide media purchasing for our clients as we have intimate knowledge of pricing, effective scheduling and results-oriented media platforms. We make sure that the ads are placed in appropriate media, including social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and upcoming social networking domains.